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Yet another ? re MFW! Is it compatible w/Old Earth Creationist pov?

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I'm of course referring to just the history/Bible/literature. I'm not familiar with all the books that are required to read, but I did read something on the website lesson sample that caught my attention, prompting me to inquire further.


Thank you for any thoughts!:)

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In high school, AHL, I think the only book that will be an issue is the New Answers Book. My guess is that you'd either want to not use it, or to find a similar book with old earth apologetics to compare and contrast views. Depending how you use it, the book could be interesting for your student to study contrasting beliefs under your guidance.


You can use whatever science you want to use, so that's not an issue as you already said.


I like how they say it in one of the manuals (oh yeah, in CTG: it's something to the effect (not a direct quote here) of yes, we prefer and believe literal 6 day creation, but don't want it to be a stumbling block among Christians)


My daughter said there might be a few things in the Notgrass book in chapter 1 that you would probably scratch through or just discuss with your child. So, my dd doesn't think there is a lot of problem with that book.


maybe someone else has run into another book in AHL that would be an issue. But that's the only stuff I can think of. I've only used AHL as my oldest is only 9th grade



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oh, wait a minute.... Here is what they say in the FAQ with young earth and CTG. It's slightly different wording than my older CTG manual.


As a company we hold to a literal 6-day creation and this belief is reflected in our programs. We also understand this is a topic of debate in the Christian community. Our goal is to hold to our beliefs without excluding anyone from using our curriculum. This is a decision that each family and ultimately each person needs to make. The Bible is handled much in the same way. Scriptures and other books are provided, but interpretation is left up to each family.
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Yeah, I think the samples you are thinking of are the chapters from The New Answers Book. Those are definitely young earth, but they are apologetic in nature -- exploring what you believe & why. If you subbed the book, it would be a good time to explore the same issues from your own point of view, meshing it with the Bible. Kids have those kinds of questions at this age. My ds has loved exploring how science and faith mesh.



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