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  1. thx, coffee. i woke up this a.m. intending to clarify my question and see you've already written most of what i'd express.:)
  2. i know that BF used to be providential, but heard they were moving away from that....:confused:
  3. i'm trying to get a general idea here, aware that i'm not including all programs.... for US and World, which would you consider to be the most or least conservative in philosophy? 1 being the most conservative, 5 being the least... BJU ABeka Notgrass Sonlight Veritas MFW BF thx!
  4. i bought one used and would like to know what i'm missing by not having the newest edition. thx!
  5. op- last night i went to sl's site to get my booklists with descriptions..... instead of clicking on a core, click on "subjects" choose "history and geography" then find your core on the right side of the page once you've found your core's history page, choose your 4/5 day,regular or advanced and click on that now click on the little tab saying" items included" THEN click on "see descriptions" you are.now on the page which shows each book cover, title,author, pgs, which trimester the books are in and if it is a sl exclusive(S) or Christian publisher(X) at t
  6. more replies w/i your quotes. hod? are you kidding me? talk about theology being shoved down your throat. and, i highly doubt that carrie would allow an "anything" goes forum policy. replies above. that is rude and incredibly condescending. how sad it would be if a company never made changes. how stale and sterile, actually. umm. sl is a company, with employees to pay, bills to pay. i don't expect them to cater to my every hsing need, nor would i want them to be spineless and bow down to complaints of "old-timers" while totally disregarding the average customer.
  7. i'm not blindly supporting sl. i wouldn't blindly support any company. i would also expect a company to evolve as it grows and as its customer base changes-or the market changes. sl is a company that has changed hands and with that change, i expect a slightly different path-new visions are not a bad thing. there has been no evidence-so far-which has me believing any drastic change in philosophical or historical opinions is happening.
  8. i didn't read that. i replied above within your quotes.
  9. i disagree. i think sl has been very, very lenient with those who are outspoken to the point of being rude and argumentative. i'm NOT saying this is you-i have no idea which post of yours was edited, but i read so many with my jaw dropping in disbelief at the incredible display of un-Christ-like posts. it is one thing to make a suggestion to a company, another to inquire about the philosophies of the company, but to do so in such a rude, argumentative way is out of line. to throw personal attacks at the company's employees-I mean holy cow! i don't blame the mods for locking the few threads
  10. i think sarita explains this quite well on video. the formatting being changed back to how it once was is intended to make the IGs easier to use. she explains how they grew to such an enormous, complicated format that required a youtube video explaining how to organize it. i took what she said and concluded SL listened to their customers(not all are online!;)) and set out a way to make the IGs easier to use and transport. that improvement she realized, meant needing to take a step back to how IGs use to be-when she was using them. also from my understanding, The Light and the Glory is
  11. i am sick, sick, sick.... it's been almost 6 yrs since i've eaten a banana-until yesterday(was fine), then again today and....became VERY sick to my stomach. can't stand up, can't eat, sweats, nauseous,severe stomach pain, etc... do i take benedryl? or just let time pass?? i am SOOOO stupid!!!!!!!!!
  12. wow. i simply asked about whether early formal grammar jives with the inability to think abstractly. according to swb, using wwe IS teaching writing 1-4(ish).;) and no, i didn't mean memorization, i meant comprehension. i cringe at the thought of a new hser reading such harsh replies. not everyone's dc fits into neat and tidy boxes, and not every parent chooses to hs their dc according to______. take a :chillpill:
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