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Question about two sentences in Kilgallon


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We encountered two sentences today in Sentence Composing and I was hoping some of you grammar wizards could help me out.


1. The one food that Oompa-Loompas longed for more than any other was the cacao bean.

-in the above sentence, they say that the underlined portion is the predicate and the italicized portion is the subject. However, couldn't the cacao bean be the subject just as well?


2. Hurting her made me hurt.

-what part of speech is the underlined? Subject, predicate, or what Kilgallon euphemistically refers to as "tool"--let's just call it "other".


Thank you.

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I actually don't mind-my son is focusing on subjects and predicates for now, and learning that there are other "tools" to make a sentence come alive. In GWG4, he is learning parts of the sentence and diagramming, but I see Kilgallon as a way to improve his sentence-writing skills, which in my mind is somewhat distinct from (although definitely related to) his grammar and parsing skills.

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