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I'm not much into TV, but I couldn't stand it anymore

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so I caved. The guy will be here Wednesday to reinstall the dish and the dish box. We will be getting the very basic of packages, but we won't be missing out on anything we used to watch.


I was really surprised as to how the experiment turned out. Dh would have been just fine to continue on with only streaming Netfilx. I think a lot of it is because I can't find things that dd is able to watch on Netflix.


The good news is we were able to get the promo rate for 12 months.

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Are you able to get local channels without Dish?


We have directv and I am hesitant to try without because of our location. I don't think we can even get local channels with our trees, etc....our neighbors can, but they have no obstruction on their property.



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