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Covenant Home Curriculum?

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I'm wondering if anyone out there has used Covenant Home Curriculum? I really love the methodology of classical curriculum, but also want Christian publishers.

I like the looks of their language arts modules. I also am thinking that their daily lesson plans are exactly what I need. Lesson plans are not my strong suit. I am a former MFW user, and love it as well. But part of our problem is finding LA curriculum- trying to piece together grammar, spelling, writing & literature is very difficult. It seems I can't get a strong LA curriculum together for my kiddos.

I want something a little more traditional as it seems that it sticks better with my kids.

So, after endless and tiring research, I've come across Covenant Home and need some feedback from moms using any or all part of this curriculum.


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I used Covenant Home for one of my kids the first year we homeschooled. We made the decision to homeschool late in the summer and I couldn't swing planning 3 kids worth of subjects in 2 weeks, so I bought Covenant for language arts for the youngest and used it for a year. He was in 1st grade and I found their materials easy to use and effective.


The lesson plans are clear as can be, all planned out for you day by day. I didn't use their Bible, math or science plans, but I have a couple of friends who have used those and been happy with them. It was great for what I needed it to do. It is a little workbook heavy which may or may not work for you. I stopped using it after the first year as I wanted everyone to be on a WTM track, but I don't have anything negative to say about it.

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