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  1. If you have used any of Kay Arthur's "Discover 4 Yourself" bibles studies for kids? What did you think? Do I have to use the NASB? Thanks!
  2. :lol: I was afraid it would be something like that. So sad ... all those years of wtm-er's collective wisdom lost :( (but I wouldn't want pay for it either)
  3. Can anyone help me with this? I entered the username on the advanced search page and selected "all posts". For search options I selected "a year ago" and paired it with "and older". I searched "all forums". But the furthest back I could go was 2011. Is there any way of getting back to her posts from 2008 (when this person joined the forum) and reading on from there?
  4. CLE ist grade math moves very quickly. I am trying to find something else for dd7. Hope you get some replies
  5. The notebooking pages for CTC are beautiful! But Preparing has the kids making a timeline and that was fantastic for my dd. The appendix has the varying levels of the dictation passages and hints on how to do narrations. Maybe the reading schedule for the extension books too? (we didn't use those so I didn't pay that much attention). HOD uses the Charlotte Mason method of teaching spelling through studied dictation. The manual explains how to do it. It is not a ruled based method - obviously you would need to use a different spelling curriculum if that didn't suit your goals. I
  6. My older dd has done Preparing and almost finished CTC but we are only doing the history from the CTC manual. It's fine to add things to HOD but it may make for a long day if you don't drop things from the manual. We really liked the Preparing science although some others find it too light. We liked the books and just the simplicity of it. My dd liked doing small amounts of science each day. The HOD yahoo group have the science questions typed up so you can download and print them; they were great. We dropped the science from CTC after a few months in so I can't really comment on t
  7. I completely understand what you are saying. My dc loved unit studies but I got sick of the planning and even gathering up the supplies. Hope some-one has more ideas to offer...
  8. :iagree: What can you do if your dc go in different directions? You are better off out of the pool if you have more than one child in the water.
  9. They are planning on sending it to me when it comes back into stock. If they had told me it was out of stock when everything else shipped (or even a week or two later) I would have tried to source it elsewhere but it is not worth pursuing that option now. I just wish I hadn't wasted so much time trying to trace it locally :( I agree that issues like this should be able to be settled with emails. Anyway, I know this a small problem when compared to all the other problems people come across in their lives but thankyou for commiserating with me.
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