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  1. To learn a language, you really should do it a minimum of twice a week.
  2. Love this topic but absolutely could NOT do only 10. Wow. A few reasons for reading literature is to become well versed in other styles of writing, understanding other ages of language, becoming familiar with oft referenced material from the classics... and so on. The list of benefits is very long. To only read 10 is a waste in my opinion. Just my opinion though, of course.
  3. Agree. We did not spend much time on it. Did not feel it really need it, whereas other material did seem more worth deeper study. But your family may decide to put a general timeline such as 2 wks each book or something simlar.
  4. With Biblioplan medieval I have not been impressed. Especially with the essay questions. The topics were vague and you needed to go online to research for them... which in many households this is not a good idea or even allowed.
  5. We just finished using Biblioplan Medieval for highschool. I had high hopes, but was disappointed with the overall program. Especially with the essay questions. They were vague and the student would be required to research online do any of them... which is not okay for any student who has had some bad internet exposure.
  6. Glad I check the board today. I've dabbled a bit with HTP-5 with one of my students but I did not stick with it consistently. Mainly because of the cost being so high. I am learning a lot here!
  7. mom31257: Thank you for the detailed response. You have been very helpful. I also believe that doing a research essay every week is overkill. I do like the idea of doing lots of writing regularly though.
  8. Wow. This is fantastic information. Especially the refernce to the online sample compared to actual material. Thank you!
  9. I have never seen this program in person, so bear with me. From what I understand, the Companion Guide is supposed to be the really good part about this curriculum. Can you help me understand? Were you using the new edition? Thanks!
  10. We are seriously considering the Biblioplan Year 2 "new edition" for my highschool level son. He is younger, 14. Pro's, Con's, Mehh's?
  11. I have two kids in that age range. Teen 1: Midwifery Middle school/Teen 2: Aeronautics technician (mechanic)
  12. From Lane County here! Absolutely GREAT free homeschool coop here in the Eugene and Springfield area called LaneCH. Nicest, funniest bunch of ladies with good kids. People are "real" and encouraging. It's member driven. Gets together several times a week for all kinds of things and there are classes. LaneCH http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LaneCH/
  13. Best advice given to me was to Keep money as cash at home. Not in the bank. If we need to pay a bill we put the money in to pay it. Shred your junk mail and bills before you toss them.
  14. Notgrass Government ended up being a good one, thankfully. No one I knew had ever tried any of the Notgrass materials so it was a real "risk" to buy it sight unseen, but it was a great program. We are keeping it for the next students down the line. 4 out of 5 stars * * * * * Teaching Textbooks for upper grades starting with Pre-Algebra and on up. A happy standard in our home for years. The only thing that could make it better would be stronger covers. 4.5 out of 5 stars! * * * * * Progeny Press Literature Guides have not been as great as I had hoped. They are adequate and immensely better than using LLATL (that's really bad) but they seemed a bit weak in my opinion. The Poetry one was good, however. Resale value is terrible. 2 out of 5 stars * * * * * BJU Bible Truths for middle school and high school. We have used the older blue cover editions you can score used on Ebay for a song. This series is solid but we have still supplemented. 3 out of 5 stars * * * * *
  15. Thanks for the Ebay recommendation above. I have been looking up some of the neat sounding courses and "watching" them. :drool: I bought one for only $30ppd and there are many on there for much less money.
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