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High-School Level Chemistry Kits?

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I had read about these lab kits on another website and made a bookmark. I don't have any personal experience with using them, but they look fairly complete.




Also -- if you are looking for a complete chemistry curriculum that comes with lab supplies, I'd highly recommend Spectrum Chemistry from Beginnings Publishing. We are using this curriculum now and are really enjoying it, especially the labs.




Also -- homesciencetools.com sells a variety of science kits, including the microchem kits.




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Here are some of the things my family is using. I am also fortunate to have a hubby who is deeply involved with the science part of my kids education


Illustrated Guide to Home Chemisry Experiments

http://www.amazon.com/Illustrated-Guide-Home-Chemistry-Experiments/dp/0596514921/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1293837684&sr=8-1 We bought the equipment and chemicals this book recommends and we are using it, but really haven't gotten far enough to be able to fully recommend it.


I also bought and like Hands on Chemistry Activities. If we had bought this first, we might have gone with this one.

Hands on Chemistry Activities


I'm reading the kids this: http://www.synapses.co.uk/alchemy/ , Principles of Alchemy (Chemistry) We are half way through and we are still enjoying it. It's my favorite part of our HS day.

I recently bought, Conceptual Chemistry, see the website: http://www.conceptualchemistry.com/ It appears that this website has videos for all chapters in the book. I did not buy the newest version of the textbook, I bought a cheap used copy. On the website there is a list that correlates the videos with the older version of the textbook. However, my textbook also came with a cd so that might be just as good. Anyway, it looks like a fabulous resource, (especially for young learners that don't have adequate math skills, but are interested in the subject) I just haven't had the time to fully investigate it yet.


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Tell me more about why you like the text you chose, and why you prefer the one experiment book over the other. Also, is it hard to coordinate the experiment book with the text on your own?


Oh, and are you using both texts in the same year? For what ages?



Hi Julie, thanks for your interest. I love reading the Principles of Alchemy to the kids because of its conversational style and because we are learning so much. The premise is that Merlin is teaching "alchemy" to Arthur. I like the fact that sometimes Arthur asks questions and Merlin doesn't have an answer or tells Arthur that the question is for an advanced chemistry course. So often science books present the "facts" but they aren't really "facts" they are the facts available to a student with this level of understanding. This book admits that. Kwim? It is an ebook and the first section "Air" is available free so you can get an idea what it is like. I must add that we still haven't completed reading the book, but we are still enjoying it.


We aren't trying to coordinate the experiments with what we are learning in the ebook. The Illustrated Guide book proposed a couple of different ways to use the book to match it to a chemistry class the student might be taking. Or else for hobbiests you can start at the beginning and work your way through which is what we decided to do. But now my husband has started looking at the "Hands on" book and is seeing why I liked it so much. The writing style and explanations in the "Hands on" book are inviting. I recommend checking out from the library before laying down any cash!!


My kids are 10 and 13 and they love science. Azalea

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