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What topics would you want to read about on an adoption-focused blog?

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I am an adoption attorney, two of my kids were adopted, six of my siblings were adopted, three of my nephews were adopted, my SIL is a birthmother-- the list goes on and on.


After being asked several times, I decided to start a blog focusing on adoption.


I have several people lined up to share their personal stories, but I was wondering about what else I should write.


Any ideas? I'd be appreciative of any input.


My younger sister wrote her story of having been adopted from Ethiopia at age 7. It's a good read, but have the tissues handy. Here's the link if you're interested.



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I think when I adopted the county (we went foster adoption) was woefully inadequate in the attachment thing. They mentioned it but I needed NUTS AND BOLTS and Lots of hand holding on exactly what that needs to be. I think every thing we do with the little ones we adopt has to be done with attachment in mind and I did not know that. It would have been a lot easier to have an attachment hand book! SO, that is what I would request--attachment info and stress the importance of it. What a wonderful idea!

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lactating or relactating for an adopted child (in adoptive moms who have never been pregnant and adoptive moms who have been)


identity issues in transracial adoption


social issues in America between international adoptees and immigrants/1st generation Americans from their birth countries


balancing heritage studies and American citizenship in international adoptees


adoptive parents maintaining privacy about the child's birth parents and circumstances


parents of internationally adopted children dealing with "adopt American" attitudes in the US


handling rude and/or awkward questions


comparison of motivations of birthmothers from country to country


attachment issues


family dynamics changes post adoption


racial stereotypes international adoptees face

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Stories that aren't all neat and tidy.


Such as, adult adoptees that are p.o. ed. Balanced by adult adoptees that are not p.o. ed.


Love all the other suggestions. :)


Oh, and eta: How about stories of non-whites adopting? There seems to be a huge misperception by some folks that all adoptive parents in international adoption are Caucasian.

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