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For those of you using CC, how much do you teach after your CC day? Also, do you prepare the lessons for the courses and read the books or do you rely on the tutor to do all of that? I am posting this at this level, but interested for elementary and high school as well.

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At the Foundations/Essentials level, it is an add-on program, so you still use your own choices for history, science, and anything else you want. As they became older and more independent kids, my CC time is maybe 20 minutes a day. They drills themselves on memory work and my only time is for Essentials involving dictating and checking writing. When they were younger we did the memory work together as a famiy, and that of course took more time.


For Challenge, you need to be available and aware of what they're doing. We use assignment books, so they check off assignments as they go, but I still have to help find things on Internet, read their papers, figure out what the assignment means, etc. Most of the teaching happens at class although I've found that varies with the tutor. This time I ended up working through the first semester logic book so that I could truly help, and I read all of the novels because I felt like some of them were not discussed as deeply in class as needed to write a good paper. I know that most of the parents don't do this though. Keep in mine that the parent sets the expectations for assignements, so if you have high expectations, you may have to be more involved.

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