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I need a catalog for OT type issues/supplies

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My mom is having a lot of problems with her right hand. A combo of arthritis and carpal tunnel. She's had carpal tunnel surgery but it didn't do anything for her really i guess.


She asked me this past weekend if there were any handwriting programs for learning to write with her left hand. I told her I think that would just be something she'd need to practice, possibly with a left handed workbook.


But truthfully, I don't think she wants to sit down and practice. She'd rather ***** to me about it, and then struggle through with her right hand. Part of her problem I'm sure is that she uses regular pens and pencils. I ALWAYS buy myself the bigger around pens that click open and closed. They just feel more comfortable to me. Since my son moved up to regular pencils, I've taken all his big thick K-1st grade pencils because I like those so much better.


So I'm looking for a catalog that sells things (more than just pens) for arthritis and other issues that should make life easier. Then it's up to her. She can except that things don't work as well when you get older and use stuff that will actually make life easier for her, or she can say "I'm not using that, that's for old people" or whatever. That's her choice. I'll offer help first. Then I'll tell her I'm done listening.

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I googled "arthritis tools" and quite a few websites came up. I haven't ever ordered from any so I was hesitant to make a recommendation, but several had writing tools. My mother has severe arthritis so I am always on the look out for things that would help make her life easier.

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