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Remanufactured Ink Cartridges?

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I will not use them. We had a higher-end large format HP photo printer at my dad's office that would not recognize the re-manufactured cartridges some of the time. The quality was not as good either. I kept telling the other girls in the office not to buy them, that it would mess up that printer. I didn't care if they used them in the cheap desk-jets that they used, just not for the photo printer. Well, they kept ignoring me and one time the machine totally locked up when they installed an aftermarket cartridge. When they were trying to fix it, they messed up the track the cartridge rides on. The printer is now completely broken and out of warranty. We could pay for a service call but that would cost a couple hundred dollars, still less than the cost of a new printer that is similar but more than we have to spend right now. I loved that printer!!:tongue_smilie:

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I didn't have very good luck as mine got black ink all inside my printer. By the time I cleaned it all up, I wished I had bought the original. What I do is recycle my cartridges at Staples where I get money back. I also gave my dcs the printer that sucked ink down like a straw and bought a new color printer that uses much less ink and the cartridges are cheaper. I bought the Canon at Walmart and it was only $44. I have found it saved me money because the cartridges last much longer and are cheaper than the old HP I was using. My dcs use the one upstairs mainly for word processing so they don't use color as much.


Oh, and I also like my HP printer that uses the 02 cartridges because each color and black are bought separate. I buy the XL size when available and find it much more economical.

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If you have a printer still under warranty, using refilled cartridges voids the warranty. They can cause damage to the printer.


If you think about what a print cartridge goes through during it's first life, the print head is just not going to be in great shape to go through it all again and again and again. The printhead is a computer circuit. The ink is highly corrosive. Damage happens to the printhead. If you ever get streaky printouts, that is from a clogged nozzle on the printhead. So I wouldn't be eager to buy a cartridge that's been through a lot already, especially if my printer is new enough to still be under warranty. I try to get new cartridges when Office Max has their "20% off everything you can put in this bag" sale (one last week). But don't stock up--the expiration date on ink cartridges is real.

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