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Learning Style Questionnaire

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Has anyone else ever done this learning style inventory?




It's pretty quick, only 44 questions where you choose a or b.


I did it nearly 3 years ago, and it really helped me understand some things about myself. There are 4 scales: active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, and sequential/global. I am over as far as one can be on the reflective side, have a moderate preference for verbal, and am pretty well-balanced on the other two.


If you have done it (or want to do it now), I'd love to discuss the results. I am thinking of having my middle and high school aged dc take it. I suspect that my 12 yo will be far over on the global scale, because she does not seem to learn sequentially.


The reflective issue first became clear to me when I got my dd's dyslexia results. All I wanted to do was lock myself in a room with that report and digest it! It showed me why I can never think of questions in a doctor's office, and why it takes me so long to incorporate new things into my life. What about you?

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I did the questions.. I am moderately Reflective, Moderately Sensor, Moderately visual, and pretty even with Sequential/Global.


I think it is fairly accurate for me except the sequential/global part surprised me.


I am very sequential in how I do things, how I learn, how I solve problems. I have to do things in orderly steps.

I am very global in that I do much better in learning theories and concepts first and then break it down into detail.

So maybe between the two extremes it actually balanced out so I guess that is a good thing.


I am going to have my twins do this.... I am curious to where they will fall at in learning styles.

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Just took it. I'm fairly balanced within Active and Reflective.


Moderate towards Sensorial.


Moderate towards Visual.


And high moderate towards Global.

I think this would be a great tool for your kids. I would love for ds to do it once he's older.


I'd say this test was pretty spot on with me. This description especially:

"Sensors remember and understand information best if they can see how it connects to the real world."


Sometimes things just don't click with me until I can put it into a bigger picture, real world type analysis.


This description for global is also very telling of me: "If your instructor plunges directly into new topics without bothering to explain how they relate to what you already know, it can cause problems for you." It goes on to say that a global learner should skim the chapter first, then start from the beginning. This is how I made through most of my classes.


Thanks for the link, it's really interesting!

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