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TOG users- another (hopefully quick) question

plain jane

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I received my print version of TOG Y1 a couple weeks ago and have only just now had the time to put it into binders and start getting it set up.


I noticed on the Loom CD that there's a booklist of all the books for Y1. I like that it has multiple ways of listing them- sorted by title or by level, etc.


I was wondering if anybody knew how recent they keep these booklists? I would much prefer to print off the list on the Loom than work off the LampstandPress store, but the OCD side of me :rolleyes: is concerned that there will be books listed on the website that are not in my Loom files. :tongue_smilie:


I can already see that I'm going to have quite the time deciding which books to buy but in some ways, I can see that as being the fun part. :D


So... can I rely on the list on the Loom CD or is it best to use their website?



***WAIT- READ THIS TOO*** Hold up a minute... In the booklist folder, I see that I only have files that list the alternate titles for Y1. :001_huh: Where do I find (or do I at all??) find a list for the primary resources for Y1 in a version that I can print? Ugh. I knew somehow this was seeming to be too easy. :tongue_smilie:

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I use the store,not the Bookshelf, but the Lampstand store.



:iagree:I prefer the Lampstand store list also. You can click on "Order Form View" in the Bookshelf Central website also, which gives the books to you in a printable list but it doesn't have the details on that list that the Lampstand store list does. Here's a link to the Bookshelf Central Year 1 list:




ETA: Ooops, the link I just gave is for LG (since my student is LG :tongue_smilie:) you will have to change that to what you want.

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