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Bill Nye Resources and Ideas


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There used to be a downloadable pdf that listed all the Bill Nye episodes. It was on a disney site, I think. Is it still available? I figure if I get all the information for each episode, I can pester the library to get them one by one, through interlibrary loan.


Is there anywhere to subscribe to watch them as streaming video on an ipad?


What are the best Bill Nye resources available?


I'm coming across some "implementation guides" but they seem to be appearing randomly. I cannot seem to find a single site with a listing of them all.


I'd like to supplement Science Matters, Achieving Scientic Literacy with the Bill Nye video and some Janice Van Cleave to fill in the holes of an incomplete basic science education. There are so many really basic things I don't know :-(


This week I'm learning why the sky is blue :-)

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I think I just gave my debit card# to someone I shouldn't have. I signed up for a free 5 day trial, and there were no Bill Nye videos there. I have attempted to unsubscribe, but to do it online, it would cost me 99 cents. To avoid that fee I had to call them and now they know my phone number. I'm really worried.

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Has anyone successfully viewed the Bill Nye videos at Cinemaden? I was not able to even find the videos.


When I tried to google "Cinemaden scam" I hit a site that would have infected me with adware if I hadn't been on the ipad. So now I'm even afraid to investigate this company.


I got scared and canceled my debit card. I'm thinking of canceling the entire account, when my latest Amazon purchases clear, but don't want to over react. I have a new card in the mail, but am worried that might not be enough protection for my account.

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I just did some more research on cinemaden and recurring card payments.


Closing down an account can make things worse rather than protecting you. Sigh!


It looks like most people who have received a cancellation e-mail don't have any more money removed from their account. I just have to hope I'm one of the lucky ones. And no one seems to reporting losses great than 40 pounds or $35.00 a month.

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