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Playmobil questions

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My kids got their first Playmobil set for Christmas - the big farm set from Costco. I couldn't believe that the price went down from $120 to $50 - what a bargain!! We set it up (took hours, oh my goodness!!!) and the kids are enjoying it, but there is only one mom, one dad. My kids would like to have some children, but then they need more beds. I looked at that one site that has it for sale - nothing "bed" like available, lol!


1. Does Target sell Playmobil? My kids got a gift card from Target from their grandmother.


2. If we buy more stuff to go with the farm, how do I know they'll continue to play with it? I don't mind buying more but want to make sure it won't gather dust. We currently have it set up on the counter in our upstairs hallway - that way it can stay for as long as they want and they can play to their hearts content without it having to be put away each day.

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My kids love playmobil, they have a toy room full of it and are currently playing with their new castles/knights and school.


Target does sell some, but not much and it's kind of hit or miss as to what they have when. We usually have the most luck going to the local teacher supply store. They seem to carry a lot of playmobil.


As to if your kids will play with it if you add more pieces, only time will tell. My kids are 11.5, 9 and 5.5 and they have been getting playmobil sets for about 4 years now and although we have times where it isn't their "go to" toy, they always cycle back around to it.

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Indy has loads of Playmobil. He went through a phase where he played with nothing else. He's on Lego's right now, but still plays with the Playmobil. You can find several sets on ebay. Check these:








Our Playmobil sets are some of the few toys that we will keep even when the kids have outgrown them.

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