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A really sweet compliment re: homeschooling..

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Today, youngest ds and I were at the Humane Society looking at kittens. We were in the "cat room" loving on all of the cats and ds was being his normal, chatty self. A woman and her daughter came in and were visiting with the kitties as well while they waited to volunteer at the shelter (walking the dogs). We talked a bit about the cats and how pretty this one or that one was and how long some had been there. Then, out of the blue, the woman says, "Do you, by any chance, homeschool?" I told her that I do and she said, "I knew it! I could just tell."


Now, I have said this to other people before...but usually it is pretty obvious - 3 little girls playing musical instruments and singing in church and the oldest was about 9. Of course they are homeschooled! Who has time for that when the kids are in ps?? But ME? I just had to ask her why she had asked. She said, "because your son is so well spoken and smart."


Hmph. Well, pat myself on the back. I have to say that it sure made me smile today to be recognized as a homeschooler because of something POSITIVE!! :)

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