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SAT II sub. test after CC?

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It's certainly possible. I'm not sure whether or not it's worthwhile to do. If the school your kid is interested in going to requires a certain number of SAT-IIs, especially if they require specific SAT-IIs, then I'd do it.


My 17yo has no SAT-IIs and won't be taking any in the future either. The school she's attending in the fall isn't interested in SAT-IIs.


My 15yo has already done the US history SAT-II. She'll take Physics AP-B this year. I don't know if she'll do any other SAT-IIs or APs.

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I would consider it if the colleges the child is applying to ask for SAT2 tests and do not allow you to substitute other things (cc transcript, AP score).


Be careful, though, because the syllabus for the CC course may not match what is tested on the SAT2 exam. The SAT2 exams tend to be very broad in that they cover a lot of topics but not in much depth. We've found that college courses sometimes cover a lot less material but in much greater depth.


Therefore, just because a student can earn an A in a college course doesn't mean that he/she can do well on the associated SAT2.



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There was one school I looked at with a specific circumstance, that wanted 2 SAT-II for subjects you had *not* had a college class in. But that's pretty unusual.



This is the case with Univ. of Florida (our most selective state school.)


Non-Accredited and Home Schools


Any student who does not graduate from a regionally accredited secondary school must provide, in addition to a transcript and the SAT or ACT With Writing results required of other applicants, results from the SAT II examinations in mathematics (Level II-C), foreign language, science and social science. For admission decision purposes, the university will use the result of the SAT writing sub-score if the applicant has no dual-enrollment or virtual school English composition coursework, since the SAT II in writing is no longer offered.


Applicants who present G.E.D. scores must also present secondary school records and standardized test scores.

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Thank you so much, ladies!!


My ds completed two semesters of cc Chemistry with high grades in each class.


I had him take a sample test, and he got all of the difficult answers correct, but missed several 'easier' ones. He said that several questions had to do with labs that they didn't do in his classes; he said they looked like very basic labs compared to what he was doing. We will be looking over the ones he missed to see exactly why he missed them. Sadly, the Chem SAT test is in Jan (late registration going on now), so he may wait until May to take it. We also might just not have him take that one since that particular weekend in May is already busy for us. Argh! We aren't sure yet. It never crossed my mind that he could have taken it, so maybe if we had looked at the sample test earlier, he could have been ready for Jan's test. Oh well, spilled milk.


I'm thinking if it 'counts' as one of his SATs, then great, but if not, oh well. I guess I'm thinking he might as well take it if it's one he can do well on, KWIM? And from what I can tell, a science major had better score *very well* on the science SATs, and with the ones he missed, he's not quite there. HHmm...


I also read that Chem. is one of the harder SAT tests, so maybe we'll have him take some in other areas and just forget this one. Oh, what to do, what to do? Sigh.


We don't know where he will be applying to college as he is just a sophomore. The state schools don't require SATs, and we have some good schools here for what he wants to do. I'm just trying to be proactive in having some SATs, should he decide he wants to try for a more competitive school.


Thanks again! I really appreciate all of your help & advice. :001_smile:

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