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Five in a Row


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Two blogs of FIAR families I look at regularly are Rivka's - http://tinderbox.homeschooljournal.net/ and another called Creekside Learning - http://creeksidelearning.com/


Thanks! We haven't done a FIAR book in the last few weeks, but all our FIAR books are linked from the sidebar.


I was going to recommend Blog She Wrote http://blogshewrote.blogspot.com/ , but at least on my browser it looks like the navigation menu to get to her FIAR posts is messed up. So you might have to do some wading, but she's been doing FIAR forever and she has a lot to share.

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Another recommendation for BlogSheWrote.


Here are a few more:


Aussie Pumpkin Patch




Shades of Pink



Another GREAT place to find ideas for FIAR books is in their Archives. There are also many good ideas on the forums. What I like about their forums is that you can find a lot of go-alongs. :)

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Thanks, Farrar.


Can I also add to the list Angela's blog, http://www.satorismiles.com ? She has a drop down menu of all the FIAR books they've rowed.


And I agree with searching the FIAR forums. Before I row a book, I put the title into the search engine on their forums and read through all the relevant threads. So many good ideas there.

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