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Our activity days next week, is this too much?


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For Monday- Wednesday of next week we are keeping it simple and having fun. I want to add in a lot of arts and crafts, since sometimes this is one area that gets skipped.


This is what I have planned out. Am I over killing it? Or does this look like it will work. (I do have my supply lists written next to each...I am just copy and pasting from my schedule) Also I am open to any other great craft ideas.




Christmas math page

crossword puzzle

Lace up paper stockings (paper printout, hole punch, yarn, scissors, markers, crayons, glitter, etc)

Learn to draw an elf (paper, eraser, pencil, colored pencils)

dot to dot counting by 2's

Potato stamp painting Christmas themed (potatoes (2 stamps per potato), sharp knife, designs to make on potatoes, paints, large piece of paper)

Thumbprint designs (ink pads-different colors, paper, markers)

Whats in Santa's bag activity drawing items he things will be in Santa's bag (printout on card stock, crayons, scissors)

Read Christmas story books

Learn a christmas song


Tuesday- first day of winter

Write a story based on winter pictures (printout, 4 pieces of paper halved, glue stick, scissors, markers, pencil)

Winter word match

Name it! activity using WINTER name certain items for each letter.

Nonfiction story about Animals in the winter

Make a list of animals that hibernate and migrate

Practice Christmas song

Make paper snowflakes

Paint a winter scene , with a sponge panted snowman in it(large piece of paper,buttons for eyes and buttons, yarn for scarf, black beans for mouth, colored paper for nose and arms, piece of cloth for hat and pom pom for top of hat,glitter, paints, paint brushes and sponges)



Math riddle

dot to dot by 1's

more than one writing sheet (changing singular to plural)

Draw a reindeer (paper, pencil, eraser)

Make a Christmas Angel for the tree (print out on cardstock, colored pencils, scissors, glue, glitter, string)

Snowman shape book

Read Christmas story books

Practice Christmas song

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Looks BUSY and FUN!! My household would love that week!


Just this evening during bath time for the kids I penciled in a COMPLETELY different week for us...we're LAPBOOKING this week!!


We have school Monday - Thursday this week. And we did a few crafts last week and made our gingerbread houses today because the kids couldn't wait and I planned that for this upcoming week..so now we've got more time to focus on lapbooking.


I've got a Subtraction & Addition facts lapbook planned for DD5 as well as a fun Ocean theme lapbook that includes writing, coloring, reading, math, geo and games!


I've got a Multiplication facts lapbook planned for DD7 as well as a fun Ocean theme lapbook that includes writing, geo, reading, math and some fun activities.


Yes it's still educational but it's def. a FUN way of learning this week. We try to make learning fun more but the reality is we don't as often as we could hope to.


Oh and yes Tuesday is first day of Winter so I'm planning a lapbooking on Winter for that day for us all to do together! :)

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