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BJU or Abeka, but secular

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I'm asking for a friend. I homeschooled through high school, but did not use an all-inclusive program so am not sure how to help her.


She's looking for a secular curriculum that is structural set up similar to BJU or Abeka but is NOT religious in any way. This is for high school and Oak Meadow is not working for her (it isn't bad at all, it's just that she's a planner type person and found herself spending money on something she already did). She understands that structure wise, BJU and Abeka plan out similar to OM (teaching guides, etc... that tell you where to go, what to do), but she's really hoping to find something that has DVD's or can be done on the PC.


She's tried: OM, SAS Curriculum Pathways (online, but lacking in structure), putting together programs from Khan Academy and the Zinn Project; using Teaching Company DVD's (which for high school, stink, and for college are excellent but lack the "book" work her child needs), and just plain old public school texts which she's lesson planned out.


I guess the question is: Is there a secular program that is complete like BJU, on DVD format, for all subjects, that she can purchase? She is familiar with Teaching Textbooks and is considering either that or another similar program for math.

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BJU and ABeka both have DVD or computer based options through high school. - She does not want BJU or Abeka, just something structured like them.

K12 is secular - I'll tell her about this.


I do have a list somewhere of high school options. I'll see if I can find and post it. - Thank you SO much!



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This list is the one I started, not the bigger one which is held hostage to a defective thumb-drive.


Read The Well Trained Mind...It has a great list in the back. (Forgot and I'm smacking my head.)




American School

2200 E. 170th Street

Lansing, IL 60438



Indiana University High School

Owen Hall 001

790 E. Kirkwood Avenue

Bloomington, IN 47405-7101




Keystone National High School

420 West 5th Street

Bloomsburg, PA 17815




North Dakota Division of Independent Study

State University Station

P. O. Box 5036

Fargo, ND 58105-5036




Texas Tech University High School Guided Study

P. O. Box 42191

Lubbock, TX 79409-2191





University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School

Division of Continuing Studies

269 Nebraska Center for Continuing Education

33 and Holdredge Streets

Lincoln, NE 68583-9400







A Beka



Oak Meadow


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