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Tapesty of Grace...List of Great Books?

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I am trying to find out by searching online, which Great Books TOG uses. I am having a hard time. I know they use Norton's, so it's hard to tell. The Omnibus list is so easy to see, wondering if TOG does about the same?


My husband and I have been discussing these two, he's really sold on the Omnibus and I like how TOG is organized :D. I too like the great books in Omnibus, but I get the feel that TOG doesn't do as many. Can someone point me it the right direction? Thanks a million.


BTW, I'll cross post on the Middle School board.

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Here is Tapestry of Grace's link for primary books used in Year 1, Dialectic Stage (grades 6-8): https://www.lampstandbookshelf.com/ZC/index.php?main_page=resources&step=2&year=1&units=all&LD=on&subjects=all&type=primary


At the top of the page you can select any of the four years of curriculum and so forth to narrow your search. If you click on "Shop for Books" you will be directed to TOG's Bookstore. This link provides an informative write-up on each book along with the weeks used in the curriculum.


Personally, I am able to borrow most of the books from my local public library or buy used on-line.


I have been teaching my children TOG for over five years and absolutely LOVE it! Incredible curriculum that really teaches children how to think, not memorize historical facts with little meaning. The literature and history book selections are fantastic backed with though provoking questions to encourage the student to analyze, write, and then orally discuss with mom or dad. Every week my students (now in the rhetoric stage) read excellent primary sources, answer questions, research and then sit down with me to discuss.


In addition to reading outstanding books and improving their comprehension TOG has taught them how to manage their time. They have learned to organize their days effectively and are held responsible — valuable assets for college.


Last month my oldest daughter and I visited a college and met with a history prof. The teacher was utterly amazed to learn about our home history studies and vast array of books read. This is all because of TOG, I am only implement. Of course, I learn along with my children since I never experienced this quality education when I was growing up.


It is truly a privilege to home educate and I dearly appreciate Marcia Somerville's commitment and time writing Tapestry of Grace.


Wishing you a successful journey educating your children!


TOG Bookshelf:


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