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Settlers of Catan - what do I need and best price?

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Bump - Surely, someone should be able to answer these questions - this is where I learned of this game.


:001_huh: Oops - or maybe its already been answered in another thread and I should have done a search - and this post was just annoying. (I can say that because how many times do we have to answer what one should use when they are through with FLL4:lol:)

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I don't know about prices or editions, but I can say that you will need the expansion pack if you all want to play together. If your mall has a game store, that will probably be your best bet (or order online--being Cyber Monday you may be able to get a deal somewhere). Target carries the game but not the expansion pack. Or you can just get the game and have your 8 year old team up with someone.


Have fun--we love Settlers!

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Catan fans here! We played all weekend.


The basic games comes with playing pieces for 4. You will need the expansion pack to play with 5 people, unless you team up.


I bought ours on Amazon..never really did find a ny good deals on it, but I was buying for Father's Day.


After you have the original game and the expansion pack to play it, you will want to invest in other versions. It's confusing, but they all add on to the original game and each time to add on a new version, you will need the expansion pack for the other players.

We just figured out Cities and Knights this weekend and had a great time!

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Do you have a Borders bookstore? My Borders has Settlers of Catan and they regularly email me coupons for 30- 40 % off one item. I have used a coupon to buy Playmobil there before. It should work for a boardgame too.


P.S.- I bought our Settlers game on an Amazon Lightning Deal last year. It was less than $20 dollars!

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