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Have you seen any great Wii Bundle deals lately?

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My mom is buying our boys the Wii for Christmas and I'm looking for a package deal that has more than 1 remote, the charge station, and a few games. We will actually need 4 remotes so that everyone can possibly play some games together.


Walmart Online $249


Opps, I just noticed they're out of stock. I've seen Aldi grocery store carry Wii too for their Black Friday sale. Do you have one locally?

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I'm trying to compare bundles. One has the sensor bar, composite cable, and stand. The other doesn't. Is it better to get the one with or without the items I just listed.




I'm not technologically savvy on these things but I do think a sensory bar is a must for the controller to speak to the unit. Our Wii stands up and it's much easier to load cd's that way. I have absolutely no idea about the cable, but if it was included elsewhere then I'd bet you'd need it too or at least it would make things easier.


I do know that you shouldn't set it up to go through the VCR. :D Make sure to connect it directly to the TV.


That configuration just about upset the whole week of Christmas as the delay in the controller response was impossible.

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