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History Odyssey....likes/dislikes?

Melissa in CA

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I have just discovered History Odyssey and am wanting more info. I am considering the Level 2 Early Modern for a 9th grader. Can you tell me if you think it would be too simplistic for that age? I have downloaded the try before you buy, but I've yet to gather any of the books, and am hesitant to spend the money on them.


FYI...my ds is not ready for Rhetoric level work, nor is his writing where it should, be so I am currently trying to decide our 9th grade course of action for history.


Current possibilities are:


BJU (my ds likes BJU's history textbooks....likes the concise-ness of them)

SL Core 100 (I own this already and used it with my older boys)

TOG Y3 (I own this too, and I personally love TOG, but my son doesn't want to work so hard on history anymore. He is burnt out after using whole books his entire life. ;))

History Odyssey Early Modern

MFW (I don't like the history rotation here though and am not sure I could jump into their high school program where we'd want)


I have posted on the new Logic stage board as well, but thought perhaps I would get more responses here. :001_smile:

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