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Back pain from hex bar dead-lift?

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My 15yo son came home from school today with back pain along the left side of his back. It hurts to breath when he walks. He was doing hex bar dead-lifts and I am fairly sure he didn't contract those stomach muscles when lifting since he gave me a blank look when I asked about it.:tongue_smilie:Heat? Ice? Any kind of stretching? He has time trials at swimming today,but I think we will skip that.

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Thank you! I swore after the first child hit the weight room and was attempting to bench press her body weight the first week, that I would spring for a few sessions with a knowledgeable personal trainer for weight training when each child started it. Both the gym at school and the dryland room at the pool offer too many kids and too little supervision or instruction. As much as I like our physical therapist, I am tired of seeing his cheerful little face.:tongue_smilie:

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