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Placement from CLE to Rod and Staff?


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My DD's will be finishing up CLE 110, we are doing it behind level because we didn't like Voyages in English 1 last year. I am debating moving them to Rod and Staff because we don't use the spelling or handwriting, and won't be using the writing portion of CLE as we move on. It seems a bit much when we only use the grammar, although I do like the phonics involved in level 100. Would it be best to move them now or after CLE 200? If I move them now can I move them into R&S 3 without to much trouble, a lot of 2 seems to be similar to VIE? Or is there a better suggestion? I would prefer secular materials but cannot find anything I like that works. ( I am even debating putting my older DD into R&S 5 after we finish Winston Grammar Basic per WTM suggestion for students just starting with it. I tried putting her into CLE but to much is assumed.) Oh how I dislike grammar. :)

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