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WTM schedule guide?

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I tried searching here, and on the internet for a schedule for WTM, FLL, WWE or even OPGTR.


Do such creatures exist? Something like the weekly schedule for Sonlight or maybe just personal schedules? Even if it is only LA, or history or a generic schedule for everything.


Day one, do one lesson of XX, listen to XX, do latin XX etc.


Maybe I need to get off my butt and do my research in the book and make one myself.


Thank you!

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I don't know if this helps or not.... I'm rather new to homeschooling, but here's how I've organized myself.


We're doing 36 weeks of school. DH is a teacher, and I want to be finished the week before he is. The 36 weeks are actual school weeks, not including a week off for T-G, Xmas, etc.


So for example, FLL, Lessons 101-200:

I want to hit Lesson 150 by the start of Week #18, so that means Lesson 125 by Week #9, therefore Lesson 175 by Week #27 and end of the book by Week #36.


Easy with WWE, as it it a 36 week plan. Some weeks I double up Days 1 & 2 into one day, as we have activities that eat up one full day a week for us right now.


SOTW 2 had extra chapters, so DH and I sat down and discussed which to cut out in order to have 36 chapters. Figured out from there where I wanted to be by Weeks 9, 18, etc.


If we're running ahead of schedule, I don't slow down without cause. We lost the entire month of February last year due to the entire house getting strep, then stomach flu, then a death in the family. So if we're ahead, I let us stay that way in case we have another round of unforeseen setbacks.


The rest sort of "goes with the flow." I let 7yo DD do math at her pace. We wing it a bit on what we find with science every week.


We finished OPG last year, but I tackled that with a whole different system. If you want to know it, I'll let you know, but won't ramble on about it otherwise.


As the day progresses, I write down what we did in a weekly planner that I keep just for school. Today's was:

Spelling ex. (I spread out MCP Spelling Workout lesson to last the week)

Writing - Wk 11, Day 4

FLL - Lesson 132

ETC - 15 min (Explode the Code on-line, via homeschoolbuyersco-op.org)

HW - p42, 43 (handwriting)

Math - completed Lesson 35 (saxon 2)

4p - Spanish class


On Fridays, I get a sense of the week's accomplishments and can just reassure myself that it all got done!

I hope that this helps...... I can get yammery.

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levels 3 and 4 of FLL have 3 different options for schedules in the back of the book. Levels 1 and 2 each have 100 lesson, which is about 3 per week (give or take) for 35-36 weeks.


In my experience with OPGTR (I'm using it for my 3rd child now) it isn't something to be scheduled, just keep moving on to the next lesson - it usually takes us about 2 years to get all the way through.


Repeating what the previous poster said about WWE already being on a 4 day schedule for 36 weeks (I think there are only 2 days the last week or 2 for evaluation)

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