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If you own your own business website; question re: accepting credit cards

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My dh is about to start a website for his business, he'll be offering a Paypal option, but we're unclear how to accept credit card charges.


Is there a particular company that offers this that you can recommend?


Would dh be billed monthly, or does a percentage come from every charge (or both)?


Thanks for any help you can give!

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We use Authorizenet as our payment gateway and Costco business services as our merchant account processor. If you Google 'payment gateway services' or 'merchant account' you can probably find a lot of options and directions for setting them up. We don't do a whole lot of CC transactions - probably less than 20 per month. We have a handful of electronic check (eCheck) transactions, as well.


It's been awhile, now, but I think we got all the applications for accounts right off the web.

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I just use Paypal - the professional version, and it takes nothing to set it up. They take out a percentage from each transaction. It's not cheap, but my credit card transactions are few and far between (most everyone uses regular paypal), so I don't mind, and I'm not paying out the excess monthly fees to gateway services.


But if you're transactions are going to be primarily credit card, etc., I'd definitely use a good service- I've heard good things about Authorizenet.

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Just FYI - you can accept credit/debit cards through regular PayPal (free version - only takes a % of your sale) too - but it is not as efficient a checkout process as Paypal Pro ($30 a month and a % of sale). I like PayPal because all the security is done on their end - you don't have to worry about a SSL or anything like that. And depending on what kind of website you have (like I use joomla) you can get extensions to make PayPal ever more efficient and professional.

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