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Life Cycle Sequencing Cards?

Sherry in OH

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I printed the life cycle of a pumpkin sequencing card set from Montessori for Everyone (http://www.montessoriforeveryone.com/Cultural-Materials_ep_61-1.html). They were a hit.


Now I'd like to find similar sets for animals. I especially want a set for a mammal. Does anyone know of a source for free or inexpensive life cycle sequencing cards?



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Here are a few more:

Metamorphosis Cards

Apple Life Cycle Cards

Oak Tree Life Cycle Cards

Sea Horse Life Cycle (pdf file...page 8)


Curiosity had me looking for a set of mammal cards. I found this pdf file which includes a section, on page 13, on the life cycle of the bison. You would have to make them into your own cards, though. I'm not finding much else about mammal life cycles.

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You're welcome! Since you'll have to create your own labels I would go ahead and create the cards themselves. Thirty dollars seems rather expensive for something you're going to have to create extra bits for it to work for you. I'm broke and cheap, though! :lol Maybe it's worth $30 to you.

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