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If you use MUS Epsilon and Life of Fred Fractions - question for you.


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Wow! Thanks everyone - now I have an idea of how I can fit it in.


My daughter does LoF fractions on Monday and works on MUS Epsilon T-F. She says that they both help her understand fractions. We have also used a little of the Key to Fractions. I plan to use the LoF decimals with Zeta.


I like that you use it on Mondays!


We are using MUS Epsilon as our core. Ds does it M-Th along with 1 CWP (old version). Fridays he does real life math via "Your Business Math Series". When he finishes Epsilon he'll do LOF Fractions before moving on to Zeta.


It usually takes him 2-3 days to move through 1 week's worth of MUS and there are only 30 weeks of lessons along with us schooling year round, he'll be fine. I have a feeling he'll move through LOF quickly due to interest in it.


I also wanted to add CWP, I felt like I was giving him so much. Plus, I wanted to buy "Your Business Math Series" :lol: -maybe on the weekend? haha

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