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    Homeschool mom of 5 children since 2008 (when I took them out of private school).
  1. Thank you for this protocol. I will get some of the magnesium today. I will look into reading books from those authors, as well.
  2. Thank you! I will order that and try it first. This gives me hope. He had two test grades come back since I posted a 44 in Biology and a 48 in Algebra I. A's on all his homework and projects. He is frustrated and I am frustrated and feeling more and more as a failure. 😞 I did order Genius Conscious it is a powder to put in a drink. Here it the label
  3. There are other reasons I really do not want him on medication. Thought we can try a natural vitamin. There were many listed on Amazon. Hoping someone has experience with one.
  4. My ds has attention issues and we have always done other things to get him through school. However, high school has really made him hit a wall. We have outsourced some of his school and it is not going well. (Completing High School at home is not going great either) He is very frustrated and complains he can't concentrate and will take hours to complete math. He is almost 16 and we did hold him back a year, but at this rate we will not make it through high school 😐 The dr wants to put him on ADD meds, but I have been told this could hinder if he decides to join the military later and he doesn't want to take the meds. Sorry for the ramble....Does anyone recommend a good natural alternative to ADD meds? There are numerous on Amazon. He has started protein shakes with a coffee shot and says that helps a little. I am hoping there are others who have walked this road and have experience and suggestions. C
  5. I was searching through my old files and found a line up of videos for Chemistry. It is through the University of Maryland http://www.learner.org/resources/series61.html I attached the video list I found.. Thank you for posting about this, it has given me a good revamp for my last two hs kiddos ages 15 and 13 🙂 The World of Chemistry video lists.docx
  6. We used Zumdahls Chemistry, Great Courses Chemistry, http://www.periodicvideos.com (There is a YouTube Video for this and we all filled in our own Periodic Table of Elements as we watched the videos), a couple of living books, and a chemistry kit. For what it is worth, my older daughter used this and LOVED chemistry. It really sparked her interest. My second daughter watched all the videos when my older daughter did. However, when it was time for her to do Chemistry we used Apologia. She does not have the same LOVE of Chemistry, but made an A in Chem I in college.
  7. I have not thought of him to have dyslexia. His older sister has a mild case and has found ways to adjust for college. He does not want to read and has to read something more than once to understand what it is about. However, on subject matter that he is interested in he will read, take notes and even use sticky note tabs. (He has done this with any photography books he has read) I have come to the decision that he will not be reading long novels like his older siblings. I have switched him to the new WTM Grammar book and that is working wonderfully. So, yes he is behind, but I feel this will be good to continue through high school. I have also switched him to the WWS Level 2. Though we are in week 2 and he is acting like it is too difficult. Thank you for adding that it might need to be more of a team aspect. I personally have taken on more than I should this school year. I started a one day school, thinking it would be the fix. However, it takes a majority of my time during the week. Though I am helping other kids, my own seems to be falling behind. I have decided to minimize for the next school year. Yet, I have many obligations through May. Thank you for adding the Movies as Literature and the Open Tent Academy. I am also trying to figure out how to restructure. Have you tried 4 subjects a semester approach?
  8. My number 4 is starting high school next year and truly dislikes any school. Or what he thinks is school. He has never been diagnosed, but I would consider him ADD. I do not want to put him on medicine. I have graduated 3 and they weren't necessarily easy, but did whatever was asked of them for school. I am honestly very tired and have strongly considered putting him in school. (He is on 2 wait lists right now) The schools where I live are not that great. After speaking with my husband, we decided homeschooling would be the best option for him. So I feel like I have to recreate and be a bit creative with his schooling. I am thinking project based type schooling might be good or only tackling 4 subjects a semester.. I just do not have experience with this and feel very frustrated. Has anyone dealt with this or have suggestions? He loves photography and could tell you anything about it. He loves being outside and is very active. This year I tried outsourcing and he goes to classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He seems to do ok with these, and has really enjoyed the social aspect. Yet, his math, grammar, reading, and writing abilities have suffered. I can be over the top with my children's education and feel I have to lower my standards. This is really frustrating to me and seems to be to him as well. I do not want to be a nag and want to enjoy this time and the benefits of homeschooling. I have sort of rambled and I do apologize.
  9. We are using methods from CM and classical. So the Core classes are planned, but many of us did this every year in a friends living room. Basically deciding on the core text and adding living books with it. Other classes the teachers already had their materials planned on their own. I don't mind the questions.
  10. I am not teaching anything, though I really want to. There is not a preschool at this time. A majority of the people teaching were in a Charlotte Mason group that discussed her books, etc for years. We have done CM enrichment co-ops and now they are helping with this. There are a few that teach part time for surrounding private schools as well. I definitely could not have prepared what we have without all their help. Great point on the background checks. Right now everyone that is registering knows someone that is teaching.
  11. I haven't had much sleep the past two weeks :) Alot of things have just lined up... A private school left a church building right by my house who were glad to have us occupy the space one day a week. Many in the community were excited about this and I have had lots of help from family and friends. This has been in my mind for years. I also have my Masters in Operations Management and have taught business classes over the past decade, which helps. I am only focusing on the class portion of it for right now.
  12. I just wanted to post an update I've started something that will have hybrid classes, guidance, etc here's the website www.myacademyprep.com Sent from my SM-T713 using Tapatalk
  13. I have noticed that as well. I have also noticed that many Classical schools do use CM methods.
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