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Wow we are not supposed to get above...

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ok this is funny to me ~ we're supposed to have the same temp for halloween night (40F is about 5C) and while your daughter is unhappy about needing a jacket because it's gonna be SO COLD, mine is excited that she can wear her tights instead of her jeans because it's gonna be SO WARM.....


halloween last year = 15cm of snow came down, temps were in the -12C(10F) range. it's all perspective! :laugh:

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Don't feel bad-I grew up in Buffalo-we literally had to plan our costume keeping in mind if a snowsuit could fit underneath! :D


That's what we do here! Last night at the nature center's "treats & trails" I had a ballerina with sweats & coat under her leotard, and Nancy Drew had jeans & sweater under her skirt & blouse. All their costumes are 2 sizes too big so they can fit layers under.

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