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Home Decorating Help?

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Okay, I will readily admit that I have long ignored all of the old threads on this board and the other one I read about decorating because we just weren't in "that place" in our lives to decorate.


We have now moved into that place.


We are finally (after 5 years in this house) hanging pictures on walls, painting, putting down area rugs. It is finally starting to feel like home.


Are there any websites or books that you recommend for a DIY'er decorator?


I have been reading the following blogs:










and going to www.restorationhardware.com and figuring out how to make their stuff MUCH cheaper.


I bought drop cloths yesterday to make some dropcloth curtains. I plan to stain them with coffee then clip them up with drapery clips. Possibly embellish....we shall see. (I'm rather, how shall we say? Frugal with my energy these days, so I promise nothing in the way of embellishments.)


Any ideas? I am completely clueless when it comes to such things.


Off to search old threads.


ETA: more decorating sites I've found.

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HGTV has both a cable channel and a website. It is extremely popular with my family full of decorating enthusiast. When I am looking for inspiration, I go to the library and look at all the different decorating books (lower 700's). When I find something I like, I make a copy of it and add it to my file along with a note about what exactly I like about the room (furniture?, color?, rugs?, etc). There are some good magazines available too.

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Thanks! Oddly enough, I hadn't even thought of the library!


I've been working a lot of midnight shifts of late and getting to the library seems like a huge chore that keeps getting left out of our busy days, but I WILL go check out some books. (the thought of a few hours ALONE in the library sounds like bliss right about now!) :001_smile:

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When I was in my decorating phase, I would go to the local recycling and collect all the home decorating magazines, clip photos of rooms I liked and put them in a notebook with page protector sleeves. That helped enormously as a definite trend emerged with what I liked. Even though there were exceptions to the general trend, I could clearly see they were exceptions and the style with which I would be happiest.

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