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Easy books for Kindle?


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Has anyone found any easy-reader type books on the Kindle? My 8yo suspected dyslexic like to use the Kindle because I can make the font bigger, but I'm having trouble finding books easy enough for her to read. She is probably reading at about a 1st grade level. Any suggestions?

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If you search around you can find older free books/readers that might work out. For example this site lists some:




All of those books can be found for free either on Amazon or the project Gutenberg site.


Also, I noticed that the Kindle store has a children's section.



Thanks for that link.


I have been browing through the children's section at the Kindle store but it is slow going. For example, in the 4 to 8 yr section, there are over 2000 books. And many of them are meant to be read to the child and therefore have words in them that she wouldn't be able to read herself. Still looking though!

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I've been thinking about getting a few kindles for my kids. I have a DX and hubby has my old 2nd generation. I did notice the other day that CBD has a lot of the Step into reading books as ebooks, but I haven't looked to see what the format is, maybe some of them could be read with the kindle.


never mind the cbd site says they are not kindle compatible.

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