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Deer in the headlights kinda moment....what's yours?

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Do you have a good "deer in the headlights" kind of story to share? Here's mine, and it happened just this morning:


Feeling rather smug about her research on candidates and issues, she placed her ballot on the counter next to her husband's, planning to hand deliver them in town the next day. But all did not end well from there....Imagine her dismay, her utter helplessness, as she watched the mail carrier driving off with the morning mail. It was then that it occurred to her that just moments before, the stamp-less household ballots had been hastily picked up and handed over at the door by mistake along with outgoing letters. Surely, it was a deer in the headlights moment as she looked down at her robe & slippers while listening to the pouring rain, realizing it was too late.


Ruh roh.



What will happen? Will the stamp-less ballots be returned or will they disappear into the proverbial black hole? Aaaah!

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Aww, come on! Doesn't anyone else have a "ruh roh" moment to share? Am I the only one here that's done something stupid like this?


You guys just aren't being very fun this weekend! :D (185 views of my post and no comments? I rest my case!)




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I've forgotten mine. I'll ask the kids later -- they keep track.


I once mailed a huge bank deposit by mistake. The mailman deposited it for me. That was 34 years ago. Does that count? In my defense, I tried to get it out of the mailbox using a stick with gum wadded onto one of the points. I had 2 lookouts in case the cops came by and arrested me. That plan did not work.

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I once had my ex meet me for lunch near my job. I think I was around 21. He came with no money and I had no money, but I had my brand spankin' new Discover credit card that I was oh, so proud of.


We ate our lunch, I presented my credit card (MY credit card! I had a credit card! How sophisticated was I?!) and was informed:


"We don't accept Discover."








Who feels like an idiot now? Yes, that's right, I do.


One of us had to wait there without leaving the restaurant. The other had to go to my job to borrow money from petty cash to pay the bill.


Fortunately my job was cool about it.


I was somewhat less proud of my Discover card from that moment on (and its interest rate was too darn high anyway)!

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