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Saxon Math Facts- What am I Missing?


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Take pity on me, I don't have my materials available to me for awhile because of an emergency evacuation due to mold. For the Saxon Math facts I have two questions. What are the odd ball facts (which specific facts are they) and am I missing anything other than:

Adding zero, adding one, adding two, doubles, doubles plus one and odd balls?



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Which Saxon level? Are you referring to addition/subtraction or mult/div.?




grades 1-3, addition. Though I think I found them all and now I am onto subtracting (I have to make new fact cards and I don't have the old ones to refer to and I don't have my books!) for subtraction I have the subtracting zero, subtracting ones, subtracting twos, subtracting the doubles, subtracting using the doubles plus ones and subtracting using sums to ten. I think I am missing something there too though...

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