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Help - Organizing with Ipod Touch

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I just bought an Ipod Touch and am completely in love with it!


I was wondering if any of you homeschool plan, meal plan, write to do's, have reading lists, etc. with your iPod (and how you do it)?? Do you know if their's an app. for something like that?


I would love something where I could type the info on my computer (keyboard on Ipod would be too small for extensive typing) and then transfer it (is that the right word) to my iPod. Does something like that exist?


Thank you!!

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I wrote a blog post about that very topic here.


If you have one of the brand new ones, I am jealous! :D The camera is a fantasic addition, and I'd be using it constantly b/c I wouldn't have to mess with cables, uploading, etc.. Also, it looks to me like people are now using the camera in conjunction with skype to have wireless f2f conversations with people. Fring might be another app that would work for that.


I use a timer app a lot (have used it doing the Iowa at Barnes and Noble, use it at home daily to keep us on track, etc.)


We use mint.com to keep track of our finances. I have the Amazon Kindle app, various foreign language flashcard apps, an app called CalenGoo that lets my dh and I sync our calendars and see each others', etc.. A lot of people here who have Audible.com memberships seem to like that app, as well. I don't know about you, but I do a fair bit of carschooling with audiobooks. We also have all our mp3 files on the iPod, everything from Latin vocab. practice to SOTW.

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I use the "notes" app that comes with it for a lot - to-do lists, shopping lists, library lists, packing lists, list of what K needs to practice for ballet....


I also use one called AppBox Pro: it calculates percent sales, converts units (like teaspoon to tablespoon or gram to ounce), tracks your period/fertility, can be a flashlight, alarm clock, level, and it tells you how long your battery will last depending on what you're using.


MyBookLibrary was free and will list your books if you put in the ISBNs, but it's not very good. If I hadn't already spent a lot of time entering numbers, I'd get one of the paid ones that has better categorizing & searching.


I use one called My Catalog to keep track of the little things I rarely need to know, like printer cartridge code-number or furnace filter size, so I have that if I'm out shopping.


None of these can use a regular keyboard for inputs, but I've gotten pretty fast on the little screen.

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