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A question for those in the energy industry?

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Dh made a carrer change about 3 years ago, working in pipelines and land issues. He loves his work and has done really well for himself on this rather large project.


The project though is coming to a close soon, and we are somewhat unsure about how to find another one. He's had an interview, but he is right on the cuff of what they want for experience so we aren't really hopeful.


Anyway, any ideas on how to find new projects/jobs? He has a lot of feelers out, but we are just unsure if there is something we are missing.

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Oil and gas work is pretty slow in the US right now. The only potential work that I have heard of will be in Alaska if they ever move forward with the natural gas line. Then there will be tons of that type work. I keep hearing engineering might start up for that at the first of the year. I wouldn't hold my breath though b/c there is alot of politics being played with that.


Current work seems to mostly be in the nuclear industry right now. That is what dh is looking for and getting leads on.

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