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Ok, I know she's just sucking up, but...(brag)

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My dd had to write a paragraph for grammar today, with the topic sentence of "We have an attractive classroom" (her choice from 5 or so options). Despite her ulterior motive, I have to share what she wrote. It's one of those all-too-rare moments that make you feel like this whole thing is really working.


Here it is, misspellings and all;)


We have an attractive classroom. It has two intricatly detailed maps, and three white boards. Our desk is huge, with room for all of the school to do class and eat with their familys. It's even made out of solid oak! (Maby) It has a deck with beautiful glass doors. Then there is a fully stocked kitchen. The walls are bright and beautifull, and there is a tv and couch! There is no class room like mine! (P.S. I'm homeschooled:)

I especially got a kick out of the text format smiley face at the end.:lol:

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