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Dictionary study?


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We did this as a lesson (or two?) in Intermediate Language Lessons. My then 5th grader got so much out of it. We really went over the nooks and crannies of the dictionary. We utilized the beginning part of our dictionary "getting to know your language". It broke down grammar, punctuation, dictionary symbols, pronunciation, etc. You could also do the same with a thesaurus.

I also just found a book on idioms at a used book store, and I'm planning on reading it with the kids later this year.





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I've just been having the kids look up their spelling words every week. This allows us to sit down and discuss what the v.,n.,adj., etc. abbreviations at the beginning stand for, where to find the pronounciations, etc.


And because we're doing it every week, a little at a time, it's not some major thing. There's also no preparation needed (a big plus for me).

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