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Missouri folks....


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Which ones have the best rep? Worst?? How are the schools funded in Missouri? Are the classes crowded and hard to get into (and thus hard to graduate in four years?)


DD is looking at schools not too close to home and not too $$$$ and on the web, at least, some of the Missouri schools look good.


I have seen enough Illinois state schools (public) to not want to even look at them.


Any input on any of the Missouri public schools welcome!


(DD is an undeclared major so far, so can't narrow the search down by major as of yet.)

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I went there for my M.A. in Speech Pathology. I think it's a pretty decent school and I know it has worked hard to earn its good reputation. The Communications Disorders Department seems to have done very well in establishing its program. It was just starting up when I first went there. My dh got his M.A. in business there as well and was happy with the education he got. My sister also got her M.A. in Speech Pathology later on. We all mainly chose to go there based on location (We lived in Ozark, MO), but if it had been a poor school we would not have gone there. My parents also both got degrees there! There is a little bit of a partying atmosphere sometimes portrayed on the news, but they do have very serious minded students and departments there.


Anything else specific you'd like to ask?


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I live nearby. I think the reputation varies quite a bit with the department. Overall, it is one of the least rigorous state colleges. I went to Truman State and kids that were failing would go to MSU during the summer to get their grades up.


There are some departments such as the speech path and physical therapy departments that are excellent.

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