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McCall Crabbs books & WRTR


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McCall-Crabbs is a great way to track reading comprehension. They read a passage and answer the questions. This is also a good test taking skill to have when it comes time for SAT and/or other tests.


I'm mainly a lapbook, game, project, fun based learning kind of mom but I use these and find them very helpful.:001_smile:

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I really like them too, as do my dc who have used them. We do two per week so there's enough to last for 36 weeks of school, give or take a few.


I like being able to track their comprehension skills and know that they are understanding what they read. The kids are to read a passage and answer approx 15 multiple choice questions in 3 min. Not all the questions are straight regurgitation of the passage that was read and I like that they do add in inference-type questions.


I keep track of their score and the assigned G-score on a spreadsheet to keep an eye on if they're improving over the course of the year.


There are some new versions of the books that I believe RR sells but from what I've heard, they are apparently a bit dumbed-down and you'll want to buy the original ones that are sold through Spalding.


I've been very happy with this purchase and think they were definitely worth the money.


Let me know if you have any specific questions. :)

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