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Does anyone know?

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Okay, here is the deal.


We are from Texas. We sold EVERYTHING there. We went to Richmond and now are in far SW Virginia. We'll be here for however long and then move on. Whether the next place is permanent or not, I have no clue. It all just depends.


Anyway, hubby's car inspection went out so we had it done here (VA and TX have a reciprocity agreement). Then his tags went out. Well, the inspection people had removed his sticker tag from the windshield so there is not proof he doesn't have it (or proof he does). Because we didn't (couldn't) pay for it before it went out, we would now have to do it in person in Texas.


However, the insurance company had us change our insurance to the apt in Richmond because that was where the cars were parked. Well, now we're in a hotel so they kept the Richmond address on the insurance.


Will Texas accept VA to renew hubby's tags? Additionally, my daughter has to get a new license on the 23rd. So I was thinking we could both fly down to TX, take care of her license and hubby's tags. But will they accept VA insurance to get TX tags/license?


Anyway, it seems that no one understands our situation. Guess how hard it is to get a PO Box if your license has an out of state address and you don't have any of the things on the list for an acceptable form of ID *AND* they want that something to be with your current physical address which you don't have!


Anyway, somehow, we have to do something.

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Don't have an answer to your question, but have you considered signing up with escapees? They can give you a Texas address and your legal state of reporting would be Texas. All taxes, licensing, homeschooling requirements, etc, would go through Texas. Something to consider if you're going to be moving a lot.


ETA: I don't know about the insurance issue. Since your physical location in VA, they may want you to tag in VA. A RV situation would be different I guess since you're moving the dwelling, not just the vehicles.


Most of the states I've looked into require you to license within 30 days (excepting military). So I would think that after 30 days you're considered a resident of that state.


(I'm still working on coffee this morning, excuse my jumbled thoughts)

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