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Latin, revisited

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Okay, so I need to find a Latin curriculum.


Before anyone suggests it, we've tried Latina Christiana and _hated_ it. We couldn't get past the horrible quality filming of the dvd and her accent. That company needs to hire someone to do their production more professionally and it would be much better off with a neutral accent. (For the record, I have an accent so I'm calling the kettle black.)


Any thoughts? I would really like to get something that teaches spoken word as well as written word.


I am looking for both 4th grade 9-year old and a 7th grade 12-year old, but if there is something in the high school level that is better, I'm game to start the older child. He is working at high school level for about 1/2 of his work.




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The older one might be able to do Wheelock's using these lectures. The Wheelock help page appears to be down so the information the information about how to purchase the full set including chapters past five is not currently available; however, you could probably email Dr. Grote about that if you choose this route. We are only on chapter two at the moment, but plan to purchase the full set when we get close to needing chapter six.


We use a few other free resources for vocab and morphology drills, along with Dr. Grote's study guide, the Wheelock workbook, and 32 stories as our complete high school level curriculum for my ds12 and ds14.

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Latin Prep would work for both, but going at different paces - you might want to wait another year for the youngest, but it depends on the child. Abbeyej has worked out that Latin Preps 1-3 plus So You Really Want to Learn Latin 3 (for review and extension) add up to three US high school Latin years, so long as you add in a bit of history and culture. LP was, however, designed for late elementary/middle school. There's a CD available, but the texts stand alone without it if the accent is irrritating to you.



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My oldest is now using Wheelock's after using Prima Latina, Latina Christiana I and II, and units 1-2 of Henle. I e-mailed Dr. Grote and he gave us his address so I could order his CDs. We just started this week, but I think they are great (I listen to them with ds). I have also switched dd to Latin for Chiuldren A and she like these DVDs much better than LC. I don't think they are quite as professional as LC (he uses a white board, and his handwriting is not so neat), but the teaching is good, and there are funny "tidbits" at the end. I also think the lessons coresspond pretty well with what ds is doing in Wheelock's.

I was a little nervous about going with Wheelock's, but I ordered Dr. Grote's companion book, the MODG syllabus, as well as the workbook. If you do an internet search you can find the answers to the Wheelock text and workbook. Good luck in your search for a curriculum :)

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