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Which SAT scores to send to National Merit

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I've called NMS but still don't have peace of mind about what to do. Maybe some of you have prior experience. My dd has taken the SAT twice. Her scores are good on both. However, on the first she had a great math score. It dropped a lot on the second sitting(70). The two other scores rose significantly on the second test though. Here's the question: Do they look at only the math and critical reading as many colleges seem to do? In that case, my dd's highest showing was on the 1st try. If they consider all three sections, her score increased by 50 points overall on the 2nd sitting.


math and critical reading only, decreased 20 points the 2nd time



Over all three sections: increased by 50 points the 2nd time


NMS said they take the highest score you send, no superscoring across test dates. What do you think?

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