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I pulled DD out of 4th grade last year. She was an EXCELLENT speller. She was always given the challenging list and got 100% on the pretest almost every time. So, I figured no formal spelling was necessary and I would just make corrections as I saw the need.


That being said, I have noticed a drastic increase in her spelling errors this year. Do I just need to encourage her to slow down, or do you think a formal spelling program would be more appropriate?



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Does she misspell when you're asking her to spell something, or in her (non-spelling) work? My daughter is a natural speller. She missed 5 words total in the Megawords 1 book. That said, if she's doing other school work, or just writing for fun, her spelling is atrocious. I don't know why (other than laziness?). When I see spelling error in her work and ask her for the correct spelling, 9 times out of 10 she doesn't misspell it. :glare:

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The best example I can think of happened today. She was taking notes and wrote "pepole". I asked her about it and she couldn't identify her mistake. I asked her several times if she was *sure* and she insisted "pepole" was correct. She even practiced writing it again at the top of her paper. When I gave her the correct spelling she doubted me.


I KNOW she knew how to spell "people" correctly before.

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How about having her study for the National Spelling Bee? If she is a really excellent speller, she could be very motivated by this. I recommend that you find a local homeschool group that feeds into the next level. In our area, it is a regional bee; the winner of the regionals goes to straight to Scripps.


I have had a lot of experience with helping two of my dc study for Scripps so if you'd like more info, feel free to ask questions.



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