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Question for those with Celiac Disease

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My dd has celiac disease (has had it for 5 years) and is doing really well on a GF diet. Yesterday she had the "runs" and major stomach pain for about 2 hours. After that she was fine, ate dinner, played, etc. No more problems at all. Does this sound like a typical gluten reaction? I always assumed (maybe mistakenly) that she would feel bad for about a day with a gluten reaction, but now I'm not sure. BTW, we can't think of anything questionable that she has eaten recently.

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It's my understanding from talking to a few people with celiac that reactions can be wide ranging. When my dd was younger she had really bad behavior after accidental ingestion. Perhaps she also had stomach aches, but she did not tell us. She didn't and has never had diarrhea. The long term present symptom she had prior to diagnosis was a siezure disorder that turned out to be a result of the poor nutrition her body was getting from poor absorption.


In other words I think reactions from accidental ingestion are very individual. I have an adult friend who has stomach pain and diarrhea for a full day. Perhaps your dds reaction is shorter because she's young and can simply bounce back.

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Guest Dulcimeramy
I get intermittent reactions for days to weeks after accidental ingestion. You might find she cramps up again tomorrorow.

I don't think there is such a thing as a typical reaction, it's a disease with such variation between people.


This is so true. I have celiac disease, and so do all four of my children. I could give you five different profiles of this condition.


And then, even for one person the patterns and symptoms can drastically change over time.

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