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2nd Grade Narration


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I know that there is a lot of discussion about what kind of narrations kids "should" be giving when using WWE. I just wanted to share my son's most recent narration. He is almost 8, and we are not doing any dictation because he's not ready for it yet. He just within the past few weeks was able to start copying sentences without forming half the letters incorrectly and misspelling a lot of the words. Up until a few weeks ago, his narrations were short and often not very focused. Something must have matured in him, because for the past few weeks he has been turning out narrations like this one (from a Brer Rabbit story in African-American Read-Aloud Stories):


Tiger and Rabbit liked the same girl, and they were jealous of each other. Then Rabbit told the girl that Tiger was nothing but his father's old riding horse, and Tiger wanted Rabbit to tell the girl the truth. Rabbit pretended to be feeling ill, and he wanted to ride on Tiger to get to her house. When he got to the girl's house he took off his hat and waved it and said, "See, I told you he was my father's old horse," and Tiger was so embarrassed he ran off and was never seen again.


The story I read was four pages long. I have found that my son has an easier time narrating if he can hear the entire story and not just a certain-length passage. I also remind him after each sentence how many sentences he has left in his narration so that he can focus in on what really needs to be told to move the story along.


Hope this was helpful!



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