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Carol's Affordable Curriculum


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I used the Son Shine curriculum. I bought it monthly (because I started with it in January). I think you can order it ahead and save money.


Basically it runs from September to May and covers the ABCs, numbers 1-15, colors, shapes, a theme. You'll get a teacher's manual with "circle time" suggestions. Each month, you cover a couple numbers, letters, shape and color. They also give you a theme.


It had different things for kids to do. For the crafts, it included everything you need minus glue, crayons and scissors. For example, if you are making a doggie bag puppet - you'll get the bag, cut outs for the doggie parts, maybe some wiggly eyes for eyes. You just use your own scissors, glue and crayons.


You can see samples of the crafts for Jumping Kangaroos:




You'll get all the stuff to complete those crafts except scissors, glue and crayons.

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Guest mrsjamiesouth

We also do the Sonshine. I have to say that the quality of the materials is awesome! It is neatly laid out for you, all the papers numbered to go with the craft. There is a calendar included also. You can order it one month at a time or several months to the whole year at a time. I did the summer to try it out and loved it. I am doing a month at a time.

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